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Dr. Ray W Christner - Psy.D., NCSP, ABPP

Welcome! I’m Dr. Christner; thank you for visiting my website and learning about my work and how I might help. Despite the research and understanding of mental health and wellness, many still face daily struggles. This has led me to help empower others to understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives. This involves my work using and promoting evidence-based treatments, like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and neuroscience-informed evaluations to clarify strengths, needs, and recommendations.

No matter how frustrating it might feel now, there are treatment approaches and interventions that work. For example, psychotherapy such as CBT effectively treats anxiety, depression, sleep problems, behavioral issues, etc. In addition, many CBT strategies also produce positive results for those who want to enhance their performance in various aspects of their lives (e.g., work, school, sports).

If you have been thinking about changing your life or getting help, I encourage you to learn about CBT and integrative treatment approaches! I challenge you to take time for yourself to commit to refining how you think, feel, and behave while also making room to enjoy things you care about. Starting is the most challenging part of the change process, but you can begin by committing today, this hour, this minute, or just this second. Changing your life starts with the first step forward.

Explore my page to learn about me and how I might help you on this journey, whether it be an evaluation, psychotherapy, coaching, or training. If my services are not the right fit for you, use any resources available here to learn about other options, and don’t be afraid to ask for help elsewhere. Many providers are doing great work! Remember, getting help for yourself is a superpower, not a weakness.

Be well and stay psyched!

Ray W. Christner, Psy.D., NCSP, ABPP

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